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I started my first personal blog in December, 2000 on LiveJournal, but this site houses my professional writing and reviews.

At my core I’m a generalist, and I’ll write about almost anything, but I’m usually focused on how to fix or improve something. In my professional life, I’ve written everything from software documentation to business plans to telemarketing scripts to corporate reports and marketing research analysis; all of it incredibly important stuff.

My main current topics of interest are parenting without yelling (admittedly, this is aspirational), the psychology of personal wellness and positive behavioural change, and the day-to-day functioning of our local and provincial governments.

Sincere Side Note: As an affluent White member of Canada’s 1% who was also raised by a radical activist lesbian mom, I’ve always had this itch to spread the word to other White folks about our country’s violent colonial history and the oppression that European settlers to Canada have exacted on our First Nations Peoples, dating back to First Contact and leading up to as recently as when the last Residential School was closed in 1996, through to the present day with the deplorable living conditions in so many of our First Nations communities. As if that weren’t enough White burden, I’m also pissed about the insidious and systemic racism and misogyny that is rife throughout Canada and its many institutions. I don’t feel like I can do very much about it except try to raise good kids and rant about it online (although hopefully more of the former than the latter).

For more info about me personally, please see my bio. I also play jazz tenor saxophone, I was Chair of the Shannon Park School Advisory Council from 2012-2014, and I used to be Vice-President of Programming for the Halifax Jazz Festival at JazzEast. I’m not a teacher, but I marched 4-5 times with the NSTU throughout their dispute with the McNeil Liberals in 2016-17, and that fired me up about checking the effectiveness of local government and bureaucracy. My connection to the health care system via my physician wife also makes me interested in that.

Dustin LindenSmith
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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