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At my core I’m a generalist, and I’ll write about almost anything. In my professional life, I’ve written everything from software documentation to business plans to corporate reports and marketing research analysis. Presently, however, my main topics of interest are music, health psychology, parenting, government, science, and technology.

My articles are categorized to the right. For more info about me personally, please see my bio. I also play jazz tenor saxophone, I was Chair of the Shannon Park School Advisory Council from 2012-2014, and I used to be Vice-President of Programming for the Halifax Jazz Festival at JazzEast.

In detail, these are the areas I’m most interested and expert in writing about:

  • music, arts and culture
  • psychological subjects related to obesity, diet, health and nutrition
  • coffee: the art and science of roasting and brewing
  • childrearing, marriage and family relationships
  • the workings and functioning of local government
  • environmental topics pertaining to sustainable development, agriculture, and energy sources
  • spirituality, philosophy, and psycho-emotional well-being
  • cars in general and automotive technology in particular
  • the internet, technology and social media in our daily lives
  • software, website and product usability
  • project design and management
  • human resources development

I started my first personal blog in December, 2000, but this site houses all of my professional writing and reviews. Please go to my home page to see the articles I’ve posted here, and please contact me if you’d like me to write or review something for you.

Dustin LindenSmith
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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