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Bilingual in English and French, I’m originally a jazz saxophonist by trade and I’ll turn 47 in 2020. I’ve been a devoted CBC Radio One listener since childhood, although since 2004 I’ve taken most of my audio journalism in podcast form. I was born in Regina, grew up mostly in Calgary, and studied music at McGill University from 1992-1996. After finishing at McGill and getting married to another Calgarian, we moved to Halifax so that she could train in medicine at Dalhousie University. We quickly fell in love with the East Coast and we’ve stayed in Nova Scotia ever since. We now live in Dartmouth, and our family is rounded out by three great kids and a very old yellow Lab.

I’ve been a stay-at-home dad since around 2004, but the bulk of my professional experience has been in music performance, marketing research, and IT project management. Since university, I’ve worked in various technical, HR, marketing and sales positions with marketing research, software and technology companies in Halifax and in Montreal. I’m a car nut, I listen to a LOT of music and podcasts, I do most of the family’s cooking (and I love doing that and I love cooking!), and I have a boderline obsessive relationship with coffee.

I expand more about my writing here, but presently my most treasured interests and writing topics are related to recovery from obesity, addiction and trauma. I also have a pet interest (as everyone should!) in technological innovations and adaptations related to local power generation, CO2 emissions and global climate change. And coffee. Dammit, do I ever love coffee. And cooking.

Until October 2012, I served as Vice-President of Programming on the Board of Directors for JazzEast Rising Association, producers of the TD Halifax Jazz Festival each July. I’ve also been Chair of the Shannon Park School Advisory Council from 2012-2014, and President of the Shearwater Bluefins Swim Club for the 2018-2019 season. I started my first personal blog on Livejournal in December, 2000. This is my (admittedly sparse) Twitter feed, this is my Instagram, and this is my (usually unserious) Facebook.

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