Thank you for visiting! I’m Dustin, a Peer Supporter and Recovery Coach who can help you recover from eating disorders, disordered eating habits, or other challenges.

I help my clients by using mindfulness practices along with purpose-driven discussion to help you:

  • cultivate inner compassion and self-acceptance
  • learn how to connect with your body sensations, hunger, and fullness
  • develop new ways to calm and comfort yourself without using food, eating or exercise in a disordered way

My work is fully inclusive and supportive towards all ethnicities, gender identities, abilities, body sizes, sexual orientations, and family types.

This coaching is similar to how you might work with a personal fitness trainer, except instead of training for muscular strength and endurance, we’ll be increasing your emotional strength and resilience as you begin to repair your relationship with food, eating and your body.

How we can work together:

  • I meet virtually by phone or videoconference (click here to book a free 20-minute introductory call!)
  • If we decide to work together, I recommend starting with a number of weekly or bi-weekly sessions
  • I do not work with clients under 19 years of age
  • I work with clients anywhere in Canada
  • Fee: $75 per 1-hour session (not typically covered by private health insurance)
  • Payment is requested before the start of each session via Interac e-transfer at dustin@lindensmith.com or via PayPal at this link
  • For your convenience, I also offer pre-paid packages of 3, 5, or 10 sessions

Dustin LindenSmith • Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada • contact and FAQ